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You may be a good candidate:

If you are stressed and being harassed by creditors or collectors
If you are having difficulty making the minimum payments on your
If you are behind on paying your debts
If you DO NOT see yourself getting out of debt anytime soon
Are you experiencing financial hardship?
Unfortunately, not everyone qualifies for our Debt Settlement program. However, we CAN help
those who are experiencing some form of financial hardship. If the answer is "yes" to ANY of the
questions below, then you may be a perfect candidate for our program:

Has your household income been reduced due to reduced work hours, job loss, a
death, medical expenses, and/or any other unforeseen event?
Do you NOT see yourself getting out of debt in a manageable or reasonable period of time?
Are you behind on making your minimum payments, struggling to just stay even?

Life happens. Debt can accrue for all people.

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What Can We Do For You?
Freedom Debt Resources can help reduce your debts through negotiated
settlements. This can make a difference of thousands of dollars and years of
unnecessary financial hardship.
We offer one program payment for all enrolled debts and can help you get out
of debt in as little as 10 - 44 months*.

Our program is designed and uniquely tailored to each customer to help them
get out of debt by reducing the amount of debt that is owed. This is done through
negotiating settlements! Your credit is not used to qualify and you do not
need to be a homeowner. Our program is NOT a loan.
Unsecured personal loans
Collection accounts
Credit cards
Unsecured lines of credit
Certain secured debts
Certain commercial debts
Types of debts
we may be able
negotiate and
The answer to debt freedom is learning more about what is available to you and taking action. Freedom from debt is just one phone call away!

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There are millions of people just like you
that have benefited from debt settlement

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get your life back.
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DISCLAIMER: This website is not intended to provide the reader with legal advice, nor does it create an attorney-client relationship. Debt settlement, debt negotiation, debt consolidation or balance reduction programs (the "Program") do not constitute an offer of credit or legal services. Freedom Debt Resources, LLC ("FDR") does not assume or pay consumer debt or make monthly payments, nor is FDR affiliated with any lending institution, bank, or collection agency. FDR will work to find the optimal debt relief solution to lower your debts, and will work aggressively towards reaching your financial goals. Individual results may vary and not all debts can be negotiated based on a various conditions. Factors that may affect program success include the amount and type of debt and creditors, client's financial history, and client's ability to save funds and comply with the terms of the Program. Mention of "debt free," "reduce," "eliminate," or "lower" debts only refers to clients enrolled in the Program whose applicable debts have been settled for less than the original balance enrolled. Any testimonials of past performance or statements regarding Program success do not serve as a guarantee for future results. FDR does not guarantee that debts enrolled in the Program will be settled, lowered by a particular amount, or settled within a particular time frame. FDR terms and conditions are subject to modification and/or alteration without notice at any time. Not all applicants will be approved, as the Program is not available in all states, and other applicable restrictions apply. Fees may vary from state to state. Prior to enrollment, please read and understand all Program materials, terms and conditions. Please understand that FDR is not an accounting firm and will not provide tax or accounting advice or credit repair services. Use of the Program may adversely impact your creditworthiness, may result in your being subject to collections or suits by creditors or collectors, and may increase the outstanding balance on enrolled accounts due to the accrual of interest and fees.

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